Monday, 4 December 2017

Athletics Interschool

Yesterday our competitors went to compete in the athletics inter school and I was chosen to be one of them. I arrive to school on time because the van would leave at 9.00 and I don't want to get left out, The track was held at Lloyd Elsmore. When we arrived at Lloyd Elsmore we walk around the whole track so people that had never been here could have a feel of what it was like. The races I competed in were 400m, 200m sprint and 100m for some of the races we had to do a heat because their was so much school that had turned up to the event. Straight after I finished the 400m final race I had to get ready to race in the relay. I was so tired and my ankle was hurting really bad but I still ran the race for the finals we came 3rd,  2nd was Glenbrae  school and 1st Point England School after a hard day I was ready to go home.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday Ruapotaka school went to a event that happened at Sylvia park to showcase our films and to see what kind of films the other school produced. Our movie was called rugby values it was based on teamwork and how to be a great rugby players the people from our class that introduced our film were Meafou and Vaimoana. I enjoyed all the films from all the schools in tamaki cluster and I think they all did a fabulous job.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Star Vocabulary Tests

Today we had a spelling assessment, firstly Min Zin, Isabell and I went into room 11 to arrange the desks for the Year 7s. After we finished we went back to Room 12 where the Year 8's arranged their own desks. Then we began our test we only had 25 minutes to finish our whole test. While I was doing the test I didn't know most of the words so I struggled a little bit, but in the end I managed to finish the test. 

Monday, 30 October 2017


Today Room 12 had assessments, everybody had to detached their desks. We started of with our Maths first Mr Reid handed out a piece of paper to the whole class the test was to see if our Maths skills have improved. We had two minutes to complete each task, when I was doing the tests I was nervous because I thought I would of got a low mark. After our test we receive our marks the people that had improved in the maths test moved up a group.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Back At Tech Term 4

On Wednesday the Year 8 & 7's attended Tamaki College for the first day of Term 4.
When we arrived Mr Grundy welcomed us into his workshop he warned the students to be careful. Some of us didn't no what we were doing because some of the students went to cross country for the last week of school. He then helped the students that were not at school to get them on back on track. He showed us step by step how to do the project we were focusing on, and remember to always finish your work on time.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Colour Combination

This week room 12 did a experiment using a color disc. Our focus was to try combined the three primary colors. The circle had to be 10 cm long,We used a string and it was used to spin the disc the colors we used were red, blue and green.  When I spun the color blue and green the color I saw when the disc was spinning at a maximum speed was turquoise. The experiment went well and I managed to see the different colors we would make with the 3 primary colors.  

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Duffy Role Model

On Tuesday we had a visitor called Michel Mulipola who came to our school. His jobs were wrestling and Illustrating. As a young kid he noticed that he was a good drawer so he became an illustrator for books and comics. He is currently a wrestler at Impact Pro Wrestling Auckland. He showed us some of his art work and books he was wrote. Lastly he proudly presented some books to children.