Monday, 4 December 2017

Athletics Interschool

Yesterday our competitors went to compete in the athletics inter school and I was chosen to be one of them. I arrive to school on time because the van would leave at 9.00 and I don't want to get left out, The track was held at Lloyd Elsmore. When we arrived at Lloyd Elsmore we walk around the whole track so people that had never been here could have a feel of what it was like. The races I competed in were 400m, 200m sprint and 100m for some of the races we had to do a heat because their was so much school that had turned up to the event. Straight after I finished the 400m final race I had to get ready to race in the relay. I was so tired and my ankle was hurting really bad but I still ran the race for the finals we came 3rd,  2nd was Glenbrae  school and 1st Point England School after a hard day I was ready to go home.

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