Thursday, 27 October 2016

Children Killed in strike on Syrian schools

Air strikes have killed at least 22 people in a village in Syria's rebel - held ldlib province seven of them children, the Syrian Observatory for human rights says.

A damaged classroom is pictured after shelling in the rebel held town of Hass (Reuters)

The Observatory , a British - based war monitor, said warplanes struck several locations in Haas village on Wednesday , including a primary and high school , killing at one teacher as well as the children. A report on Syrian state TV quoted a military source as saying a number of militants had been killed when their positions were targeted in Haas but did not mention a school.

Syria's civil war pits President Bash AL- Assad backed by Russia, Iran and Shi'ite Muslim militias from lebanon , Iraq and Afghanistan against an array of mostly Sunni rebel groups including some backed by Turkey, Gulf monarchies and the US.

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