Friday, 26 February 2016

Justin's Birthday

This Saturday my cousin is going to come over and celebrate his birthday.  His name is Justin. Before he comes we are going to buy him a present to surprise him.

When he gets to my house we will give him his presents and then take him to Mac Donald's to have something to eat and then we will take him to Sylvia Park to buy some clothes. He also is going to get an i pad and then we will take him back to my house and have a sleep over.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Breakers make NBL playoffs

The New Zealand Breakers have made the Australian basketball 2016 playoffs.  The news come after the breakers beat the league leaders, Melbourne United, 100-63  and Adelaide’s loss to the Hawks.The Breakers will face Melbourne in the semi-finals. how ever the Melbourne United team will be better in this series as they rested their three stars in their last game. Two weeks ago it look like the would miss out on the playoffs after losing 6 games in a row. But the star Cedric Jackson and Corey Webster have found their form in recent weeks and hoping to keep that going over next week. Perth Wildcats will play the Hawks in the other semi series.

Go the Breakers.   


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Waitangi Day

On Saturday  waitangi day my uncles and my cousins came to my house to have a BBQ. When we finished eating we had a little rest. After we had a little rest we  got in  the car and we went to  panmure pools. when we came out of the pools i went with my aunty to her house with my cousin we played on the ps4 the games we play where black ops 3, 2k16, just cause 3 and farcry 4 after we played we went to sleep.