Thursday, 23 February 2017

Digital Art

For art we had to make a tekoteko using sumo paint after we finished our digital art we had to save it and send it to our teacher. At first when I tried I struggled but I was still able to finish it in time. 


Last week Wednesday we had first ever Tabloids for 2017.

We lined up in our house teams the team colors were Red, blue, Yellow and Green I was team yellow our leader carried a card where they put the points on. Started of with Mr Sok and finished with Mrs Raj My favourite game was soccer after we had to line up and sit and our teams leader called the points and then we went back to our class.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Community battles as fires push crews to breaking point

It was a worst case scenario for fire crews and residents as the two fires merged in to one.

The flames were unstoppable as crews fought hard to save homes and lives in a dangerous battle - and Tai Tapu locals banded together to form their own community defence to the fire. The fire ripped back through Early Valley on Wednesday night, taking out a homestead and wipe out refined land. Strong winds accelerated  the flames overnight. THe blaze moved closer to other houses as it destroyed just under 2000 hectares in its path.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Rugby: ABs sevens rest after 'ridiculously hot' tournament

The All blacks sevens will enjoy a month of rest, recovery, and refresh after the hottest conditions of the season in Sydney wear down their energy.

Vilimoni Kordi of New Zealand races away to score a try during the mens pool match between New Zealand and Australia. Photo / Getty Images.

The temperatures soared on day two and New Zealand's meritorious Cup quarter final win over Fiji cleared took it out of the players who were flatter in the semifinal loss to England be fire rebounding with their second win in two days over the hosts to clinch third place, making their best display of the 2016- 17 world series.

It was ridiculously hot after quite a cool week in Wellington. It's not really an excuse but some of the guys struggled a bit says coach Scott Wald rim. That Fiji game was finals quality and it took a lot out of the going 1m30s over time. We need to be able to handle that and get up for the next game. We let ourselves down against England, but good to see we steeped up in that last game.

Adam Milne ready for return

Adam Milne could be forgiven a few days in the last couple of years when "why me run his thought processes.

His closeness with the medical profession is not borne of affection but rather claim as the young quick bowler has had to bounce back from injury mishaps to test the most secure of mindsets.

So there will be plenty of goodwill towards the Central Districts speedster when he takes the field against South Africa at Eden park tomorrow for the opening game of their New Zealand tour.

He's had a roll of injuries, from shin splints working his way up to the elbow injury in the middle of last year and the side strain picked up while bowling in the nets to the New Zealand batsmen before the Bangladesh test in Christchurch late last month.

Adam Milne could be back in the Black Caps shortly. Photo / Getty