Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Asbestos At Ruapotaka School

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                               Tamaki Primary :

On Wednesday , our school went to Tamaki Primary because some special cleaners came to clean the entire school because we had Asbestos.

The board of trustes ordered us 3 bus from the Howick bus station to get to Tamaki Primary and back. When we arrived at Tamaki Primary the kapa haka group did a special performance for our school. After they finished their performance we all got put into a class room. On Monday we had a Duffy assembly where a man named Henry came and encouraged us about reading, after we finished our school assembly we went back to school and Mrs Vickers told us some great news that the cleaners finished and we could stay at our school.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Firefighters climb Sky Tower To mark 9/11

                                  Kiwi kid :
About 160 firefighters have climbed the Sky Tower in Auckland to honour their New York counterparts who died in September 11 terror attacks. Today marks the 15th anniversary of the attacks and New Zealand is one of the first countries to pay tribute.  Firefighters traveled from around New Zealand to climb the Sky Tower's 1100 steps , many of them wearing their full uniforms. The American flag at the US Embassy and Consulate in Wellington has been lowered remembrance today.