Monday, 30 October 2017


Today Room 12 had assessments, everybody had to detached their desks. We started of with our Maths first Mr Reid handed out a piece of paper to the whole class the test was to see if our Maths skills have improved. We had two minutes to complete each task, when I was doing the tests I was nervous because I thought I would of got a low mark. After our test we receive our marks the people that had improved in the maths test moved up a group.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Back At Tech Term 4

On Wednesday the Year 8 & 7's attended Tamaki College for the first day of Term 4.
When we arrived Mr Grundy welcomed us into his workshop he warned the students to be careful. Some of us didn't no what we were doing because some of the students went to cross country for the last week of school. He then helped the students that were not at school to get them on back on track. He showed us step by step how to do the project we were focusing on, and remember to always finish your work on time.