Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Olympic Games (Rowing)

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Ever since I was a kid i always wanted to be in the Olympics So when i got to the Age of 17 I started rowing in college and 1 year later we had the Rowing team for Russia looking for one person that wanted a chance to go and be in the Olympics so i had compete in the event to make my dream come true. So we hopped in the rowing boats as the manager yelled Ready Get Set Go, I got the sticks and started rowing, While I was rowing, I was Coming 3rd place. Then I pushed harder and harder and I was in 2nd place I got closer and closer getting to the first place guy and their was the finish line up a head, So I started rowing faster and there was a sharp corner so I went up pushing him against the wall and I got in front, I then pasted the finish line and I won, So they accepted me into there team.


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